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I offer a counselling service that can help you overcome the obstacles in your life and achieve the outcomes you're striving for. Working together we will identify your major concerns and learn your personal values, strengths, and abilities to support your personal and professional goals. 

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$120/1 hr

At Krisalis Counselling & Psychotherapy you will be provided the valuable guidance and support you need at affordable rates. Offering the best available evidence-based interventions with a person-centered, integrative approach, clients are given a safe, supportive space that facilitates healing and personal growth. 
Reduced fees are available for concession card holders/full-time students not working ($85/1hr).

Young Man in Therapy


$140/1 hr

Couple/Family counselling can help to better connect and communicate. With person-centred guidance and support, you can gain insight into repetitive, unhelpful patterns and develop new skills to obtain better communication and relationship satisfaction. In conjunction with the understanding that relationships require commitment, compromise, and cooperation, you can overcome conflict difficulties and unhelpful behaviours that are negatively impacting your relationship.

Couple Holding Hands


$120/1 hr - Individual

$140/1 hr - Family/Couple

If you are geographically or physically isolated, or simply unable or unwilling to attend face-to-face sessions, online counselling may be the solution for you. Within a confidential and private online forum, you will be supported in your goals to make a difference in your life. Offering you the most recent up-to-date evidence-based interventions, we can work together to help you achieve your goals and overcome life's challenges.

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