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Counselling usually refers to when a therapist and client work together with short-term interventions to resolve a client's identified concerns, improving their mental health and/or wellbeing. Psychotherapy is generally longer-term, involving a holistic approach that leads to the healing or transformation of emotional, behavioural, cognitive, and relational issues.

COUNSELLING - Addressing the problem

Providing guidance with resolving personal or psychological problems

  • Counselling is usually a short-term process

  • Supports the client to manage everyday activities in an effective manner

  • Addresses issues in a less in-depth manner

  • Is used to help clients to find solutions to their problems by themselves

PSYCHOTHERAPY - Addressing the 'self'

Talk therapy that helps address psychological problems and improve well-being

  • Psychotherapy is a long-term process

  • Identifies the underpinning cause of the problem and addresses it in the most efficient manner

  • Addresses issues in a very deep manner

  • Helps clients to gain insight and become independent and empowered to effectively manage their thoughts, feelings and behaviours

“We know what we are, but not what we may be”

William Shakespeare

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